In my first post, I explore what a life coach is and what a life coach isn’t, while offering a look into my personal coaching style and philosophy.

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

A life coach is kind of like a friend, but the sort of friend who won’t just sit by and smile at the stupid decisions of their buddies. A great life coach respects the autonomy of each individual, but is not at all shy about nudging people out of their comfort zone in an effort to help them become a better version of themselves.

A life coach should be a cojourner of sorts. He is not a guru who has all the answers. He is not a psychic who can precisely predict the future. However, a skilled life coach is someone who has the ability to step to the side of both emerging and established leaders and assist them in maximizing their potential and crafting a better tomorrow. Bottom-line: an effective life coach won’t let you off the hook in not chasing after your dreams.

So you might ask: “Is life coaching for me?” As a personal and executive coach myself, I am the first to acknowledge that a life coaching experience is not for everyone. If you are acting in ways that are a result of past woundedness, personal crisis, or emotional injury, scheduling an appointment with a counselor might be a reasonable first step for you. A licensed counselor is particularly skilled in exposing faulty belief systems and uncovering root issues that might be sabotaging your ability to live life well. On the other hand, a life coach is not someone focused on recovery or healing, but is concerned with assisting the passive, overwhelmed, and/or overachieving individual to find the clarity, focus, and accountability required to maximize their life. While counseling is attentive to psychological investigation, coaching is focused on practical instruction.

You might be ready to hire a life coach if you are stuck, ready, and willing. In fact, in response to the often-asked question: “How do I know if I am ready for a life coach?” I respond with a series of three self-assessment probes that correspond with the three adjectives listed in the previous sentence:

  1. Do you feel stuck in one or more dimensions of your life?
  2. Are you ready for a change?
  3. Are you at a point in your life where you are willing to try something new?

If you can answer affirmatively to all three of these questions, then life coaching is for you.

Now since you are currently reading my blog on this website, you are probably wondering, “Is Michael the kind of life coach that I want?” Maybe. Maybe not. Consider my particular coaching strategy, which focuses on seven areas:

  1. Personality Identification: Who am I?
  2. Passion Discovery: What do I really care about?
  3. Perspective Shift: Who do I want to become?
  4. Problem Solving: What obstacles are in my way?
  5. Proficiency Development: What skills and competencies do I need?
  6. Priority Establishment: Which area of my life will I tackle first?
  7. Plan Formation: What is the blueprint for my personal and professional progress?

My coaching philosophy is flavored by a strong progress-orientation. From my perspective, the goal is never perfection, but progress. If you want to grow, improve, and advance, then why wait any longer? Today is the perfect time to take that first step to becoming a better version of yourself. Connect with a life coach today.