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Invest In Who You Are Becoming

As a parent of five children, I well remember asking each of them when they were young: “So who do you want to be when you grow up?” Their responses included the predictable: an astronomer, an astronaut, an archeologist, and even an antique collector. My kids were at first surprised when, in response to their vocational aspirations, I would share with them that those are all the wrong answers.

Because if you listen closely to my question, you will notice that I was not inquiring about what career they hoped to choose, but who they actually wanted to be at the end of their lives. As facetious as it was to pose a trick question, I was training my children to think beyond professions and positions to matters of character, choices, consequences, and ultimately, their personal legacy. Even to this day, as I spend time coaching and mentoring young leaders, I chuckle inside when I ask them this same question, “So who do you want to be when you grow up?” knowing that I am setting the snare to expose short-sighted perspectives.

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Is Life Coaching For Me?

A life coach is kind of like a friend, but the sort of friend who won’t just sit by and smile at the stupid decisions of their buddies. A great life coach respects the autonomy of each individual, but is not at all shy about nudging people out of their comfort zone in an effort to help them become a better version of themselves.

A life coach should be a cojourner of sorts. He is not a guru who has all the answers. He is not a psychic who can precisely predict the future. However, a skilled life coach is someone who has the ability to step to the side of both emerging and established leaders and assist them in maximizing their potential and crafting a better tomorrow. Bottom-line: an effective life coach won’t let you off the hook in not chasing after your dreams.

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