I will never coach more than seven leaders at any given time. Life coaching is way too important to me and to my clients to overextend myself, stretch my own mental and emotional capacity, and most importantly, to divide my attention among too many clients. I want the individuals whom I coach to know that I regularly think about them, thoughtfully plan for our conversations, and strategically create a personalized plan of action that is tailored to each client’s dreams and desires.

If I accept you into my small and selective coaching program, three things are true: calling, compatibility, and chemistry. First, your calling in life should generally resonate with me and reflect my own core values. While we might not share the same specific life calling, our paths will be similar enough to warrant my investment. Secondly, we will need to be compatible, which translates into the fact that my motivational style and suggestions will resonate with you. Compatibility is important, because the success of our coaching partnership is dependent on your willingness to listen to and execute my advice. And finally, chemistry is crucial. I will need you to not only respect and trust me, but also like me. And I would need to enjoy you, too. If spending time together feels like a drag to one or both of us, there is no need to trudge along. Coaching should be energizing and fun!

To determine if hiring a coach at this point in your life is an appropriate next step for you and to learn more about my particular coaching philosophy, read my blog post entitled, Is Life Coaching For Me?. After reflecting on the three criteria and seven components of DMB Coaching, if you still feel inspired, take the next step by completing the short questionnaire below. This will assist both of us in determining if I am the best fit for what you want and need in a coaching experience. In response to your submission of this confidential online inquiry, I commit to personally reaching out to you within 24 hours to begin a conversation.

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