For me, communication is about connection. Tidy talks and PowerPoint presentations have their place, but that is not my style. Enthusiasm about a better tomorrow communicated through eye contact, relatable stories, and interesting illustrations is my niche. I am known for sharing powerful and poignant principles in provocative ways that grab the attention of my listeners. Translating timeless truths into practical tips for immediate application is my ultimate goal for every presentation.

While I am extremely well-prepared, I refuse to be buttoned down. Regardless of the size of the group, I strive to personally connect with every individual in each environment: from the classroom to the auditorium. I accomplish this by tuning into the intangible ethos of the public space, knowing that each community has its own unique culture and core values. I listen and carefully observe what might be the larger story of each organization and how I might best assist each client in accelerating their agenda and maximizing their missional objectives.

I inject discussion and dialogue into each presentation with the purpose of engaging individuals where they are in the moment and in order to better understand the real desires and genuine needs of those in attendance. It is only then that I can accomplish the agenda for which I am often hired: to incite people to action and inspire them to change.

I want those who hear me – to know me: my passions, my experiences, and the insights that have emerged from my own personal commitment to live life to its fullest. The opportunity to communicate with your constituents is a grand responsibility and sacred trust that I do not take lightly. My communication strategy is to both educate and excite in a personal style that is transparent, genuine, and compelling.

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