I'm passionate about helping people and teams maximize their potential.

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Michael Brown giving a talk on stage to a large audience.

I write about leadership and living life well.

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“Michael was able to identify my untapped potential as a leader...”

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I am passionate about presenting inspiring ideas to groups of any size, style, and scope. Over the past two decades, I have spoken to hundreds of thousands of individuals in a variety of settings: national conferences, regional retreats, and local seminars.

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I thoroughly enjoy serving as a change agent and cultural architect for corporations, non-profit organizations, and executive teams. I take pride in reimagining paradigms and reengineering best practices to enhance the vision and missional objectives of each client.

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People and relationships are most important to me. Having been shaped by many significant mentors throughout my lifetime, I have a zeal for making sense of the mystery and messiness of life through one-on-one coaching.

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Meet Our Team

DMB Coaching is a collection of dynamic, experienced coaches, each with their own unique passions and expertise.

Dr. Michael S. Brown

Michael has been speaking, mentoring, and leading since 1991. Michael’s passions include teaching, writing, rigorous exercise, grilling out, peanut butter, people watching and power naps.

Amy Seiffert

Amy has a deep passion to see women know who they are and to thrive using their gifts. She loves to write, teach, and link arms with women to find freedom, joy and grace together.

Shawn Cramer

Shawn helps people frame life so that at some future hour their dreams and their reality meet. His absolute favorite words to hear are "I never thought I could accomplish that."

Gabe Dunbar

Gabe is an intentional communicator who helps individuals discover true and lasting transformation by sharing his positive, realistic, and curiosity-filled worldview.

Dr. J. Tyler Schwanz

Tyler has been leading and mentoring graduate students and young professionals for almost a decade. He enjoys eating thai food, snowboarding, and drinking coffee, preferably not all at once.

Nick Gillispie

Nick's passion is helping individuals reach their full potential and accomplish more than they ever imagined. Nick enjoys fitness, brewing beer, spending time with family, and working​ with his hands.

Casey Greenawalt

Casey uses his passion for communicating and connecting to help individuals discover their unique potential. As an enthusiastic individual, Casey is always looking for a new adventure!

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I'm So Frustrated!

The root of every frustrating situation you have ever faced in life can be summed up in two words: unmet expectations. Undoubtedly, we have each experienced those moments, days, weeks, or even longer seasons of frustration – all of which occur because we feel entitled to the fulfillment of one or more of the following sub-conscious desires: 

  • Unmet expectations for comfort
  • Unmet expectations for control
  • Unmet expectations for convenience
  • Unmet expectations for compliments
  • Unmet expectations for companionship
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