Every team is different. Each organization has a unique calling, culture, and set of core values. As a consultant, I want to first better understand the community of individuals that you lead, and if there is something distinctive that I can offer to both you and them. After exploring your organization’s unique possibilities and the factors and forces that might be detracting from your team’s maximization – I will offer a proposal of what curriculum and conversations might best serve you.

My specialties focus on mission clarity, healthy team relationships, team morale and motivation, productivity, organizational innovation, navigating team conflict, communication styles, health and wellness, and professional and personal development. Depending on the services requested, I will draw from a variety of tools that include, but are not limited to: questionnaires, assessment tools, focus groups, team discussions, one-day retreats, or one-on-one mentoring.

To learn more about the kinds of consulting services and to allow me the opportunity to better understand your organization and/or team, please complete the short questionnaire below. In response, I commit to personally reaching out to you within 24 hours to begin a conversation.

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