Episode #55 Listen To Yourself

If we are willing to decode them, we will find deep meaning in the hidden messages our emotions, behaviors, and even bodies are sending us. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Nick Gillispie share some practical tips on how to cultivate the habit of paying attention to what’s happening below the surface.

Show Notes

I want to listen to myself, but I don’t always want to trust myself.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • We are unaware of most of what is going on inside of us on any given day.
  • Unconscious self-talk often drives unhealthy and undesirable behaviors.
  • We invest far more energy contemplating what others might think of us than controlling what we actually think of ourselves.

Three Principles

  • Our behaviors flow out of our beliefs.
  • Addressing our behaviors merely bandages our wounds, whereas addressing our self-talk heals our wounds.
  • The voices in our heads are sometimes right, but they shouldn’t dictate our decisions without close examination.

Three Practices

  • When there is a behavior in your life that you can’t seem to shake, get to the root of it by asking yourself, “Why do I do this?”
  • Bring trusted friends into the conversations you have inside your head, asking them, “What do you think about this self-talk?”
  • Pause daily to take your emotional temperature, especially on days when you don’t feel quite right.