Episode #169 Be Completely Honest

Something powerful and freeing happens when we have the courage to tell the truth. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Bahamian basketball player and coach Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn explore the spiritual, relational, and physical benefits to saying what we really feel.

Show Notes

I was holding onto not pursuing my professional career for so long that it started to affect my body physically.
Lourawls Nairn

Seven Problems

  • Complete honesty is completely terrifying.
  • It is most difficult to be honest when it comes to our identity and our emotions.
  • We will struggle to be honest with others if we are not first honest with ourselves.
  • Silence is often uncomfortable because it requires us to come face-to-face with what we are thinking and feeling.
  • Dishonesty with others and discomfort with ourselves can negatively affect our physical health.
  • Shallow relationships are safer but less meaningful than substantial relationships.
  • If we are fully loved without being fully known, we will always wonder whether we are actually loved at all.

Three Principles

  • Honesty is a prerequisite to healing.
  • Emotional honesty is not the opposite of critical thinking, and it actually leads to more rational decisions.
  • The depth of our relationships is measured by our degree of honesty and by others’ response to that honesty.

Three Practices

  • Take your emotional temperature at intervals throughout the day by considering, “What is going on inside of me?”
  • When you struggle to understand your emotions, explore them by expressing them.
  • Identify, “Is it more difficult for me to be honest with myself, with others, or with God?”