Episode #38 Stop Wearing Masks

Wallet, keys, phone, and… mask? In 2020, remembering to grab your mask before you run an errand has become the new normal. This week, Russell Catania and Dr. Michael Brown have a candid conversation about a completely different kind of mask we wear.

Show Notes

There is truly no mask that we can wear that we can wear better than our own skin.
Dr. Russell Catania

Three Problems

  • The façade of “I’m fine” distances us from those who are not fine.
  • Pretending that everything is OK does not magically make everything OK.
  • Unlike physical distancing, emotional distancing during this season is more harmful than helpful.

Three Principles

  • To be fully known and fully loved simultaneously requires us first to be fully known.
  • It is never too late to stop wearing the emotional masks we have been carrying into each and every relationship.
  • Emotional mask-wearing is at its core the result of fear.

Three Practices

  • Take the first step toward open and honest relationships by sharing ongoing struggles and disappointments even before others have done the same.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to respond to “How are you?” with “It’s been a hard day.”
  • Share your dreams and passions without fear of what others will think of you.