Episode #39 Forgive Without Exception

Harboring a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will get sick. This week, Dr. Michael Brown is joined by Dr. Tyler Schwanz as they unpack the profound freedom that comes with releasing resentment and truly forgiving those who have wounded you.

Show Notes

Forgiveness sometimes feels like you are giving up or giving in or showing weakness, when in reality, you are gaining. You are able to move forward, you are augmenting your own ability to engage in other relationships.
Dr. Tyler Schwanz

Three Problems

  • A lack of forgiveness for those who have harmed us in the past can impair our ability to develop meaningful relationships today.
  • Since tomorrow is never guaranteed, there is a chance that we will never be able to forgive those who we someday planned to forgive at the end of our lives.
  • The knowledge of being unforgiven by others is among the greatest of pains we can experience in this life.

Three Principles

  • Forgiveness does not preclude the presence of boundaries, and we can forgive others while still holding them at a distance.
  • Our desire to forgive others is proportional to our knowledge of how much we need to be forgiven.
  • No human being is unforgivable.

Three Practices

  • Reflect on your own need for forgiveness in order to inspire forgiveness of others.
  • Make a habit of forgiving others in your heart even before they have offered an apology.
  • When you have been hurt by others, remind yourself that they too are hurting.