Episode #37 Beware Of Busyness

Particularly in times of uncertainty and unpredictability, human beings are tempted to hit the gas pedal and fill our lives with an overload of activities as a tactic to distract us from unfortunate circumstances and unpleasant feelings. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and his son Logan Brown explore the dark side of busyness and give practical tips on how to break free from living in the tyranny of the urgent.

Show Notes

I worked at an advertising agency in New York, and I was talking to one of the producers. And she was saying that one of her bosses told her that she doesn’t seem stressed out enough. Her boss was like, ‘You need to act more busy.’
Logan Brown

Three Problems

  • Busyness gives greater attention to the urgent than it gives to the important.
  • Busyness overvalues productivity and undervalues people.
  • Busyness leads to blurriness, such that we are unable to see the big picture in life.

Three Principles

  • It is possible to be busy without being rushed.
  • The opposite of busyness is not laziness but purpose.
  • A packed schedule is only a good thing if it is packed with things that matter.

Three Practices

  • When you feel that you are too busy to get everything done, re-evaluate whether everything on your to-do list is actually important.
  • Remind yourself daily, “I am worth more than my achievements.”
  • Set aside an entire day every week that is devoted to rest, recreation, and relationships.