Episode #92 Make The Time

One hundred sixty-eight hours is a lot of time. And every single week of our lives, we have the power to choose how that time will be spent. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Casey Greenawalt reflect on a choice we can all make to ensure we accomplish our most important goals.

Show Notes

Honestly, it’s kind of fun. Every Sunday, I look at the week, and it’s kind of a puzzle.
Casey Greenawalt

Three Problems

  • Our schedules are often so full of commitments that we don’t have enough time for meaningful interruptions.
  • Until we learn to manage the time spent on the important and urgent, we will struggle to make the time for the important and non-urgent.
  • Some of the most important things we can do in life will never feel urgent, so they require great intentionality.

Three Principles

  • Most of us have more time than we think.
  • Whenever we face unexpected interruptions that are out of our control, we can always make thoughtful and intentional choices to adjust our schedules accordingly.
  • The most meaningful moments in life take place in the margins.

Three Practices

  • At the beginning of every week, ensure you have set aside enough time to complete those tasks, engage in those rhythms, and invest in those relationships that you consider most important.
  • Set a timer before completing boring or otherwise difficult tasks, and don’t stop until the predetermined time is up.
  • Audit your time by reflecting on how you spent every hour of last week, then adjust your schedule next week based on those reflections.