Episode #89 Slow It Down

Faster isn’t always better, and in fact, we are often at our best when we are at our slowest. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Greg Dickerson remind us that our pace is our choice and explore how slowness can actually give us more time.

Show Notes

When I think about this time spent versus time saved, those memories of my dad and I going to football games on a Sunday resonate with me. And I’m able to go back, recall that memory, and enjoy those times with my dad who recently passed away.
Greg Dickerson

Three Problems

  • We often choose high-speed experiences over high-quality experiences.
  • We miss out on human connection when we are moving too quickly.
  • The fast pace of life accelerates the wear and tear on our bodies.

Five Principles

  • At the end of our lives, our most meaningful memories will be those when our pace was slow rather than fast.
  • Slowness often feels uncomfortable shortly before it feels meaningful.
  • Slowing it down is worthwhile even if it doesn’t come naturally.
  • We must be confident in the pace of our lives in order to persevere in our slowness while others continue to zoom past.
  • Slowing down helps us to achieve more, or at least to achieve more meaningful things.

Three Practices

  • Make a practice of ‘Slow Sundays,’ where you intentionally slow the pace of your day.
  • Evaluate yourself honestly by considering, “Am I a slow-paced or fast-paced person?”
  • Wake up early enough that you have the time to complete your morning routine slowly.