Episode #5 Share That Secret

We can’t be fully loved unless we are fully known. This week Beau Johnson and Dr. Michael Brown share their perspectives about the power of cultivating real, vulnerable relationships.

Show Notes

The parts of our story that are unfinished are much scarier to talk about.
Dr. Beau Johnson

Three Problems

  • Total honesty is totally terrifying.
  • The risk of keeping secrets may be greater than the risk of sharing them.
  • If we are fully loved without being fully known, we will wonder whether we are truly loved.

Three Principles

  • Our greatest need in life is to be both fully loved and fully known, simultaneously.
  • Sharing secrets with trusted friends deepens our relationships with them and makes it easier to relate with the rest of the world.
  • Speaking a secret out loud and into the air will often rob that secret of its power.

Three Practices

  • Ensure that there is always a small group of people who know everything about you.
  • Commit to revealing your wounds rather than sharing only your scars.
  • Become the type of friend with whom others can share their secrets.