Episode #8 Admit Your Mistakes

It’s a fact: no one is perfect. But that doesn’t stop us from pretending that we have it all together, does it? This week, Dr. Michael Brown chats with Gabe Dunbar about what it looks like to take off the masks we wear and own our shortcomings.

Show Notes

We know everyone’s imperfect. And yet we spend our lives trying to prove to everyone around us that we are perfect.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • We will never make the impact we want to make in life if we do not learn to admit our mistakes.
  • We often pretend that we have it all together even though we know deep down that nobody has it all together.
  • The inability to admit mistakes cultivates conflict and leads to loneliness.

Three Principles

  • Mistakes do not define us, but they are important parts of our personal narratives that are still worth sharing.
  • Admitting mistakes helps others relate to us because they make mistakes too.
  • The only unforgivable mistake is one that is not admitted.

Three Practices

  • Regularly speak the ten most important words in the English language: “I am sorry. I was wrong. Will you forgive me?”
  • Normalize acknowledging your failures to create a safe space for others to acknowledge their failures as well.
  • Trust that admitting your mistakes actually increases the respect others have for you.