Episode #7 Face Your Fears

Every one of us has things that make us feel worried, anxious, or afraid – but fear doesn’t have to have the final word. This week, Amy Seiffert joins Dr. Michael Brown as they talk about putting fear in its proper place.

Show Notes

One time I just needed to say it out loud… we might actually one day bury one of our children.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • Fear often stops us from achieving our most important goals in life.
  • Most of the things we are afraid will happen are never going to happen.
  • We are prone to believe that fear reflects weakness, that it is always negative, and that it has power.

Three Principles

  • Fear triggers either avoidance or action.
  • Speaking fears out loud is the first step to overcoming them.
  • Fear is normal, it can be helpful, and it only has the power it is given.

Three Practices

  • Identify your fear (What am I afraid of?), investigate your fear (Why am I afraid?), and incriminate your fear (Should I be afraid?).
  • Practice radical acceptance by asking, “Could I be OK if this actually happened?”
  • Allow yourself to fail so that you can grow, and allow the people you love to fail so that we all can grow.