Episode #110 Worrying Solves Nothing

The scenarios that our minds play on repeat are not nearly as helpful as we may think. This week, Amy Seiffert and Barb Roose empathize with our anxieties and offer the encouragement that peace is possible.

Show Notes

There was this Worry-Flix subscription that was like, "We’ve got 32 seasons of 28 episodes awaiting you of what life of being unwanted, unmarried, and alone is going to look like. Do you want to start with episode 1?"
Barb Roose

Three Problems

  • We often believe the lie that thinking is the same as doing.
  • Worrying gives us the illusion of control while simultaneously robbing us of control.
  • Our worries often lead us to the very places we fear.

Three Principles

  • In order to stop the cycle of worry, we must intentionally press the pause button.
  • We always have the power to think about what we are thinking about.
  • Reflecting on spiritual truths may not make our lives easier, but it will make our lives more peaceful.

Three Practices

  • If the physical wiring of your brain seems to contribute to endless anxiety, talk to a doctor about whether a medication may be helpful for you.
  • Identify the times of day when you experience the most worry, and cultivate reflective rhythms to recenter yourself during these times.
  • Read or recite a list of five centering realities at the start of each day.