Episode #6 Make Your Bed

Taking care of the little things in life creates order and rhythm that empowers us to take care of the big things. This week Dr. Michael Brown has an insightful back and forth with his son, Logan Brown, about the profound impact of establishing simple, healthy routines.

Show Notes

Making your bed is a metaphor for daily decisions, daily routines that transform our lives.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • When our rooms are cluttered, it is a sign that our minds are probably cluttered too.
  • Making a bed monthly requires more time and energy than making a bed daily.
  • Without daily routines, we are at risk for living life based only on our momentary desires.

Three Principles

  • A bed well-made sets the stage for a morning well-spent, and a morning well-spent sets the stage for a day well-lived.
  • Making our beds helps us to organize our minds, our days, and our lives.
  • Small choices matter because they are springboards for big choices.

Three Practices

  • Make your bed every day for 21 days in order to create a habit.
  • Control the small things in your life when you feel overwhelmed by the big things.
  • Take responsibility for the organization of your life, regardless of your natural tendencies or personality traits.