Episode #16 Stop Making Excuses

When we fill our conversations with shifting blame and pointing fingers, we rob the people around us of the opportunity to truly know us and show us grace. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Amy Seiffert challenge us to stop letting ourselves off the hook and start owning our mistakes.

Show Notes

Whatever is in my mug is going to spill out. It’s not about who is bumping into me throughout the day.
Amy Seiffert

Three Problems

  • Some of our behaviors are neither excusable nor justifiable.
  • Excuses place blame on our circumstances rather than our choices, and they do nothing to help us grow.
  • Excuses erode trust and cause others to question whether we are truly reliable.

Three Principles

  • We cannot control every frustration in our lives, but we can always control our response to those frustrations.
  • Ownership improves our reputations, our relationships, and our resolve.
  • Taking personal responsibility for our actions is a prerequisite to experiencing grace and forgiveness from others.

Three Practices

  • Commit to taking 100% responsibility for your life, even when there are difficult circumstances affecting your situation.
  • Identify and verbalize the choices you could have made better whenever you are tempted to make an excuse.
  • Respond to every apology with forgiveness in order to cultivate an environment where others don’t feel the need to make excuses.