Episode #9 Choose to Hate

Merely wanting things to be different isn’t enough for real change to take place in our lives. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Beau Johnson discuss the powerful secret to lasting transformation.

Show Notes

When we see something that makes us feel uncomfortable, what are we tempted to do? We look away.
Dr. Beau Johnson

Three Problems

  • Unhealthy and unhelpful choices are typically more comfortable than healthy and helpful choices.
  • We will not sustain positive change in our lives until our discomfort with the present outweighs our discomfort with making positive choices.
  • If we always blame our circumstances but never take responsibility for our choices, we will lead lives characterized by frustration, disappointment, and powerlessness.

Three Principles

  • Reality is our friend, even if reality tells us something that we wish were not true.
  • The pathway to change always begins with a single choice, and lasting change is only possible through repeated choices.
  • If we make a practice of positive choices, we will someday wake up realizing that we have changed for the better.

Three Practices

  • Make a calendar event one year from today and describe what your life will be like if you have failed to make any positive changes.
  • Consider what choices would make your life a better movie and what decisions would make your character worth cheering for.
  • Evaluate which frustrations in your life are due to choices and which are due to circumstances.