Episode #66 Get Your Colonoscopy

Cancer can be a terrifying and devastating disease, but it’s not the only threat to our health and well-being. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and future physician Justin Brown explore how to prioritize proactivity and prevention in every dimension of life.

Show Notes

In a similar way that colon cancer could hurt us and be brewing under the surface, what are the odds that in the professional dimension of my life, the relational dimension of my life, the financial or spiritual dimensions of my life – that I am making choices that are killing me?
Dr. Justin Brown

Three Problems

  • Some of the healthiest choices we can make are those we would rather debate, delay, or decline.
  • There are choices that each of us make every day that are hurting us in one or more dimensions of our lives.
  • If there is cancer present in any dimension of life, it can spread to other dimensions as well.

Three Principles

  • Healthy choices today not only add years to our lives but also increase the energy and stamina we will have to accomplish our most important goals.
  • The twelve dimensions of life are physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, intellectual, professional, financial, personal, sexual, moral, cultural, and recreational.
  • Cancer, both in the literal and figurative sense, is easiest to remove before it spreads.

Three Practices

  • Schedule an appointment with a doctor to discuss which medical screening tests are recommended for you.
  • Implement a monthly rhythm of reviewing your personal mission statement, funeral journal, wedding vows, and any other important documents that remind you of who you want to become.
  • Evaluate how you are doing in each of the twelve dimensions of life, and identify one choice that you can make to become healthier in each dimension.