Episode #65 Commit To Meditation

When we learn to stop wondering about the past and worrying about the future, transformational change can occur. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Tyler Schwanz discuss how meditation can help us reflect, recharge, and reframe our lives.

Show Notes

Meditation drives the directional force of who you are becoming – from your identity to your actions.
Dr. Tyler Schwanz

Three Problems

  • It’s difficult to meditate when we are distracted or discouraged.
  • If we don’t regularly remind ourselves who we want to become, we may become someone else on accident.
  • We often believe that we don’t have time for meditation, even though meditation could help us make better use of our time.

Three Principles

  • Meditation helps us to be fully present in our present tense.
  • Meditation is an opportunity to remind ourselves of what is true and what is important.
  • Meditation gives us the opportunity to explore and embrace our emotions.

Three Practices

  • Download an app with access to free guided meditations.
  • Pause at intervals throughout your day to simply sit and think.
  • Begin every day with a few minutes of quiet reflection.