Episode #48 Sit In Silence

It’s not exactly a new idea: there’s something profound that happens when we step away from all the noise and embrace the quiet. This week Dr. Michael Brown and Dan Costello discuss the power of putting this truth into practice.

Show Notes

Honestly it was the most scary thing when you are in the middle of a world pandemic and you have three little kids, and you just were told that you have to stay in your house. So we were like, ‘Is this really happening? Do I have COVID in the middle of the COVID pandemic?’
Dan Costello

Three Problems

  • It is difficult to engage in reflective practices when we are unwilling to eliminate distractions.
  • Our world is so fast-paced that sometimes even rest can feel exhausting.
  • Silence may cause us to think about those ideas and realities we would rather avoid.

Three Principles

  • Sometimes we don’t recognize how much noise is in our lives until we sit in silence.
  • The three steps of sitting in silence are to remove distractions, to reflect on our identities, and to rest.
  • When we take the time to sit in silence, our minds often wander to the people who matter most.

Three Practices

  • Spend one commute each day sitting in complete silence.
  • Endure the discomfort of silence as long as necessary until you experience its benefits.
  • Each time you sit in silence, invest a few minutes afterward writing down the important ideas you considered and the emotions you felt.