Episode #4 Do It Now

Are you waiting until January 1st to start getting in shape? Are you delaying that hard conversation for one more week? Listen in as Dr. Michael Brown and Casey Greenawalt discuss the best time to get things done.

Show Notes

We are a culture of procrastinators. And it really comes down to the fact that we don’t believe the choices we make today are actually forging our legacy tomorrow.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • “I’ll do it later” often means “I’ll do it never.”
  • Our future selves will pay the price for choices we fail to make today.
  • Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Three Principles

  • Coasting is always backwards.
  • Choices we are tempted to delay until tomorrow could actually make a positive impact on our lives today.
  • A small healthy choice today makes it easier to make a big healthy choice tomorrow.

Three Practices

  • Start any New Year’s resolutions on December 20th.
  • Consider who you want to become tomorrow to motivate healthy choices today.
  • Create opportunities to make positive choices rather than merely waiting for opportunities to present themselves.