Episode #127 Say It Now

What would you tell that person today if you knew that there was no tomorrow? This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Tyler Schwanz explore every angle of Michael’s famous 24 Hour Rule.

Show Notes

Her oldest son shared at the celebration of life service that he remembers vividly her final conversation with him… The lasts words she said to him were 'I love you.'
Dr. Michael Brown

Five Problems

  • When we fail to share those encouraging thoughts that cross our minds, we rob others of the joy those words could have created.

  • We never know when the words we say will be the last words that someone hears.

  • Expressions of complaint and criticism come far more naturally than expressions of love and affection.

  • We often delay until tomorrow those conversations that could make a positive impact today.

  • Although most human beings talk too much, our tendency is to say too little.

Five Principles

  • Life is far too short to leave love unspoken.

  • Our thoughts and feelings really matter, and they are worth communicating with others.

  • Expressions of affirmation and appreciation should not be reserved for weddings and funerals alone.

  • It is better to say it unpolished today than to say it perfectly several weeks, months, or even years from now.

  • A kind word today may have a greater impact on tomorrow than a kind word tomorrow.

Five Practices

  • Allow the memories of words left unspoken in the past to cultivate the courage required to speak more boldly and intentionally in the present.

  • When sharing something verbally feels too difficult, try writing it down instead.

  • Write a letter, record a message, or create a video to be shared with the people you love in the case of an unexpected and premature death.

  • Create opportunities to pass along wisdom to those who are navigating earlier seasons of life.

  • In order to avoid saying, “I have felt this way for a long time,” make a practice of saying “I feel this way today.”