Episode #24 Express Your Appreciation

Often our kindest thoughts remain unspoken and our most encouraging words never come out of our mouths. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Russell Catania spend time discussing the important and life-giving habit of vocalizing our gratitude.

Show Notes

I have never met a human being who, when I ask them what is their biggest struggle in life, they share with me, 'You know, I am just affirmed and appreciated far too often.'
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • Appreciation is not implied by a smile alone.
  • A simple ‘thank you’ is thoughtful but not transformative.
  • Our tendency is to be greedy with our appreciation.

Three Principles

  • The two essential ingredients of expressing appreciation are awareness and action.
  • We long to be appreciated not only for what we do but also for who we are.
  • An expression of appreciation lasting less than one minute may be remembered for the rest of someone’s life.

Three Practices

  • Reflect on this question: “Am I truly an appreciative person?”
  • At the end of each day when you have not expressed your appreciation to another human being, identify whether this is the result of underlying insecurity or entitlement.
  • Commit to the ’24 Hour Rule,’ in which every time you have a positive thought about someone, you share it with them verbally within 24 hours.