Episode #25 Seek Out Mentors

On the path of life, those who have traveled ahead of us possess an immeasurable wealth of wisdom for the journey. Listen in this week as Amy Seiffert and Dr. Michael Brown talk about the life changing decisions each of them made to follow in the footsteps of an experienced guide.

Show Notes

Something I appreciate about one of my favorite mentors is that she let me into her daily life.
Amy Seiffert

Three Problems

  • Podcasts and books alone are not sufficient to help us grow into the best versions of ourselves.
  • We cannot seek out a mentor if we don’t first believe that we have room to grow.
  • We will rarely develop transformative mentoring relationships on accident.

Three Principles

  • The greatest mentors help us to become the best versions of ourselves rather than merely helping us to become more like them.
  • One fantastic mentoring relationship often inspires us to continue seeking out additional mentoring relationships.
  • Mentors may not be able to help us avoid or prevent all obstacles and barriers, but they can help us to anticipate and prepare for them.

Three Practices

  • Don’t stand around and wait for a mentor, but actually take the initiative to seek out a mentor.
  • Approach someone you greatly respect and ask for an hour of their time.
  • Set the agenda for your own mentoring conversations rather than expecting mentors to guide you through the process of your own growth.