Episode #44 Invite Honest Feedback

None of us have arrived – we all have blindspots in our perspective and areas we can improve. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Casey Greenawalt discuss the importance of surrounding ourselves with friends who have permission to call us out and call us higher.

Show Notes

If you are committed to growing into the better version of yourself, your response to feedback will be, ‘Bring it on.’
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • We will rarely receive helpful and honest feedback if we do not first invite it.
  • Avoidance of feedback typically indicates a lack of motivation to grow.
  • We are entirely unable to see ourselves clearly if we do not receive feedback from others.

Three Principles

  • Some of the most helpful feedback we can receive in life is that we do not take feedback well.
  • It is easier to accept feedback from others when we believe that it reflects our choices more than it reflects our identity.
  • Inviting honest feedback is a sure-fire way to build trust and respect from others.

Three Practices

  • When you find yourself becoming defensive in response to feedback from others, remind yourself, “My worth is not defined by my performance.”
  • Ask the people who know you best, “What is the most annoying thing about me?” and “What is a weakness you see in me that I do not seem to recognize?”
  • Identify the grain of truth in every piece of feedback, even from your greatest critic.