Episode #13 Sweat Every Day

Start small. Find a friend. Make a goal. This week, Libby Snow and Dr. Michael Brown talk about the benefits of working physical exercise into your daily rhythm.

Show Notes

My first week of college, I didn’t know anything about exercise. But I said, "You know what? I can buy a pair of running shoes."
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • We often treat the cars we have today better than we treat the bodies we will have forever.
  • We often blame a lack of time for our lack of exercise even though just one minute of exercise could improve our physical and mental health.
  • If we fail to prioritize our physical health, we will have fewer years on this earth to become the best version of ourselves.

Three Principles

  • The five essential ingredients of a fantastic day are mornings, mediation, meals, mindset, and movement.
  • Physical activity improves more than just our physical health, creating positive effects in our mental health, our professional life, and our relationships with others.
  • We can choose to engage in a healthy and helpful physical activity even when we don’t feel like it.

Three Practices

  • Always make room in your budget for a good pair of running shoes.
  • Set an alarm at intervals throughout your work day that reminds you to take a walk or perform a simple exercise.
  • Incorporate physical activity into the recreational activities you share with the people you love.