Episode #185 Become A Runner

Have you ever heard someone say, “Running just isn’t for me” – or said it yourself? This week, Are We Recording? podcast hosts Jenna Greenawalt and Dea Kukeli have a thoughtful conversation about confidence, belonging, and loving our bodies.

Show Notes

Running was the first time that I wasn’t really obsessing over my body because it was all about how I was feeling rather than how I was performing or looking.
Dea Kukeli

Three Problems

  • Every form of exercise is difficult when we first begin.
  • When we compare our pace with others, we often become discouraged and reduce our effort.
  • Rigidity rarely leads to consistency.

Five Principles

  • We don’t need to run fast or far in order to become a runner; we just need to run.
  • Running through public spaces may help us feel a greater sense of belonging in our community.
  • We can’t always control the outcome, but we can always choose our effort.
  • Running is both a physical exercise and a personal exercise in listening to ourselves.
  • Like so much in life, running is better with friends.

One Paradigm

  • “If you hate running, you’re doing it wrong.” – Coach Chris Bennett

Three Practices

  • Download and explore the Nike Run Club app.
  • Write your running plan in pencil, adjusting your mileage to your body’s needs.
  • Join a running club that will motivate and encourage you in your journey.