Episode #186 Give Yourself Grace

Do you feel like a failure? Do you struggle to look yourself in the eye when standing in front of a mirror? This week, Dr. Michael Brown joins author and speaker Barb Roose in a conversation about being kind to ourselves.

Show Notes

There was a lot of shame involved in the failure of a 25-year marriage.
Barb Roose

Three Problems

  • The most critical voice we hear in life is often our own.
  • We would never dream of saying to our best friend the things we say to ourselves.
  • We often feel we are falling short even before leaving the house each day.

Five Principles

  • Grace is not in opposition to truth nor accountability, but it actually requires both.
  • Skipping the cycle of shame allows us to address our mistakes more effectively.
  • Grace is a compassionate response to imperfection.
  • Our fears are not fatal, and our failures are not final.
  • The way we treat ourselves is a choice.

Three Practices

  • When standing in front of a mirror, begin by identifying something you like about yourself.
  • Whenever you discover you are being hard on yourself, consider your imperfection as evidence that you are human.
  • Especially on your worst days, commit to treating yourself the best.