Episode #116 You Are Enough

Each and every one of us is of greater value than we can possibly imagine. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and the newest DMB coach Jenna Greenawalt offer countless reminders of just how much we are worth.

Show Notes

I was confronted with this feeling of, "Oh no, this part of how I am wired is really not good. I should probably reel that in."
Jenna Greenawalt

Five Problems

  • We are every day confronted with the message that we are not enough, and the loudest voice is often our own.
  • The preoccupation with others’ expectations often holds us back from becoming the best version of ourselves.
  • In our image obsessed culture, the feeling that we are not enough is often most intrusive in the context of our physical appearance.
  • When we believe that we are not enough, we are actually believing a lie.
  • It is easier to know intellectually that we are enough than to feel emotionally that we are enough.

Five Principles

  • The very thing we are most criticized for might actually be our greatest strength.
  • Our unique qualities have an important purpose.
  • There has never been anyone else on the planet who is just like us.
  • We are not just barely enough, but we are actually more than enough.
  • The more we remind ourselves that we are enough, the more energy we have to help others believe that they are enough as well.

Three Practices

  • Whenever you feel that you are not enough, consider whether you might be comparing yourself with others.
  • Write a list of those characteristics that you most love about yourself, and review it whenever you feel as if you are not enough.
  • Develop mantras to respond to yourself in each of those specific areas where you have the tendency to believe you are not enough.

Five Phrases

  • “I belong here.”
  • “I bring unique gifts to this space.”
  • “I am paving the way for others.”
  • “I am worthy without accomplishing anything.”
  • “I am loved just as I am.”