Episode #115 Stop Chasing Happiness

Positive feelings and emotions are nice, but they shouldn’t be our greatest goal in life. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and counselor Steve Rieske count the cost of a life devoted to pursuing the wrong thing.

Show Notes

We’re trying to separate that which damages me – things like revenge or bitterness or malice – and we’re saying, "I’ll allow myself this one."
Steve Rieske

Three Problems

  • We will not experience the positive outcomes of healthy choices if we fail to make healthy choices.

  • Pleasure makes us happy… until it doesn’t.

  • The pursuit of happiness without regard to the way we pursue it often leads to devastating long term results.

Three Principles

  • Happiness is not a momentary experience of pleasure but an elongated and enduring state of wellbeing.

  • It is far more helpful to pursue health and wholeness than it is to pursue happiness.

  • Leaning into grief often makes us more well than pretending to be happy.

Three Practices

  • If the consistent pursuit of your values leaves you feeling unwell, consider whether it is time to re-evaluate those very values.

  • Regularly pause, examine your life, and ask, “Is this working?”

  • Invite those who know you best to offer their insights into what choices would make you healthier and more whole.