Episode #103 Feed Your Soul

We are quite familiar with how to feed our bodies. But what does it look like to also – and perhaps even more importantly – feed our souls? This week, Dr. Michael Brown and spiritual leader Steve Rieske introduce a powerful analogy that offers insights into how we can become truly satisfied in life.

Show Notes

Our souls are starving for connection to not just purpose, but real meaning. For many of us, God fits that equation. But it could be people who get involved with charities, people who get involved with movements. Something that’s bigger than ourselves.
Steve Rieske

Five Problems

  • We often make choices that are not only physically unhealthy but also spiritually unhealthy.
  • Although we spend so much of our lives pursuing pleasure, we often find ourselves feeling ultimately unsatisfied.
  • Healthy choices that are unfamiliar often seem not only foreign but also repulsive.
  • Our souls starve in the setting of loneliness.
  • Money, success, and comfort will never be able to feed the hunger in our souls.

Three Principles

  • In order to experience the spiritual wellness and wholeness that we crave, we must balance our immediate desires with our long-term desires.
  • When it comes to feeding our souls, we cannot rely upon a single rhythm or routine.
  • The hunger in our souls will only be satisfied when we make choices that are spiritually healthy.

Three Practices

  • Ask yourself, “Are the ways I have been attempting to feed my soul leaving me satisfied or unsatisfied?”
  • Consider, “Is there anything I am regularly doing that feels good in the moment but hurts my soul in the long-term?”
  • Evaluate the state of your soul honestly with the question, “Do I have a healthy connection to whatever it is that I consider ultimate?”