Episode #132 Take A Walk

There is not a single area of life that is not improved by regular physical activity. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Tyler Schwanz explore the many benefits of doing the very thing our bodies were made to do.

Show Notes

There are so many people who present to my office with extremely complicated health problems, and often times they are looking for a very complicated solution.
Dr. Tyler Schwanz

Three Problems

  • When it comes to our health, we often complicate the uncomplicated as an excuse not to make the simple choices required for change.
  • We tend to underestimate the power of boring everyday decisions performed with extreme consistency.
  • When we habitually delay physical activity for tomorrow, we reduce the number of tomorrows we have left.

Five Principles

  • Any amount of physical activity is better than no amount of physical activity.
  • If prolonged sitting is detrimental to our health, then regular walks are the cure.
  • A daily walking regimen leads to benefits in neuromuscular health, cardiovascular health, and mental health.
  • Even if our genetic makeup or external environment place us at risk for poor health outcomes, we have the power to make choices that reduce those risks.
  • Physical activity also improves our creative expression, memory capacity, and emotional regulation.

Three Practices

  • Take a walk outside every day for the next month, even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Identify a minimum acceptable amount of daily physical activity, and commit to making it a priority.
  • Pause at intervals throughout your day to take your emotional temperature.