Episode #131 Honor Your Commitments

Each and every one of us have made a promise that we couldn't keep. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Dan Costello offer their insights on how to do what we say we will do and how to honorably call it quits.

Show Notes

I’m guilty of this. I’ve ghosted before, and I’ve quit before on commitments.
Dan Costello

Seven Problems

  • Society asks a lot of us, and it sometimes asks for more than we can possibly manage.
  • We often fail to continue honoring our commitments when we have failed to honor them just once.
  • Many of the commitments we dishonor are those that we make to ourselves.
  • We typically quit our commitments unintentionally rather than intentionally.
  • We are often afraid of commitment because we believe the lie that every commitment must last forever.
  • Longevity can never happen overnight.
  • Our capacity shrinks to the size of our commitment to choices.

Nine Principles

  • The purpose of commitments is not perfection but consistency.
  • Commitments always require recommitment.
  • We are more likely to honor our commitments when they represent daily decisions rather than long term goals.
  • We have the power to do hard things and make healthy choices even when we don’t feel like it.
  • The first step to honoring our commitments is often minimizing our commitments.
  • We can honor our commitments today even though they will not last forever.
  • The honest assessment that we are overcommitted helps others empathize and understand when we choose to end a commitment.
  • As we become the best version of ourselves, the number of opportunities (and potential commitments) available to us will only increase.
  • Commitments are the pathway to character, competence, and confidence.

Three Practices

  • Identify one important commitment you’ve failed to keep, and rededicate yourself to it today.
  • Identify one commitment that is no longer a priority, and honorably bow out.
  • Identify one incredibly difficult choice that would significantly improve your life, and commit to living out Ten Days of Tenacity.