Episode #140 Believe In Miracles

Something powerful happens when we hold tightly to hope even while the odds seem stacked against us. This week, childhood cancer survivor and Division I athlete Jaedyn McKinstry joins Dr. Michael Brown in a poignant conversation about faith, healing, and persevering through difficult circumstances.

Show Notes

I didn’t even hesitate. I told my mom, "Well, we’re doing the surgery." If I’m gonna get a 50/50 chance on one end and pretty much a zero chance on the other end, I’d rather take 50/50.
Jaedyn McKinstry

Three Problems

  • Our sadness in the midst of pain and disappointment often expresses itself as anger.
  • Life is short, and it is often far shorter than we would hope or expect.
  • We often pray for success even though it would be more helpful to pray for peace and perspective in the midst of failure.

Five Principles

  • Difficulty in life often leads us to grapple with the existential, philosophical, and spiritual questions that we would otherwise ignore.
  • Difficulty in life shapes us, matures us, and gives us perspective.
  • If there is an all-powerful God, he is surely strong enough to handle our anger, anxiety, and frustration.
  • Proximity to death has the potential to bring healing by shaping our attitude and outlook in life.
  • Reminding ourselves of the miracles we have seen and experienced can help us to resist the temptation to complain.

Three Practices

  • Whenever you find yourself losing hope, engage in practices that strengthen your belief in what is possible.
  • Consider cultivating a practice of pausing, praying, and placing yourself in a posture of gratitude.
  • Watch the full ESPN special covering Jaedyn's story.