Episode #30 Create Special Memories

What if every single day of our lives was intentional, surprising, and memorable? This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Tyler Schwanz discuss the art and science of crafting powerful moments that leave a lasting impression.

Show Notes

The more spontaneous you want to be, the more intentional you have to be in order to say ‘Yes’ to spontaneous moments as they occur.
Dr. Tyler Schwanz

Three Problems

  • There are so many special memories we have missed out on because we have failed to plan them.
  • We often reserve surprises for special occasions even though we have the power to create fun and exciting moments every single day.
  • Our tendency is to blame our circumstances rather than our choices for a lack of special memories.

Three Principles

  • Scheduled, crafted, and designed experiences have the potential to become even more memorable than spontaneous experiences.
  • At the end of our lives, all that we will have is our memories.
  • Special memories are those that interrupt our normal routines.

Three Practices

  • Invest more of your money on experiences than possessions.
  • Spend an hour this week creating a special memory for someone you love.
  • Routinely look around the room and consider how others will remember this moment.