Episode #63 Handle Anger Constructively

We can’t control when we feel angry, but we can control how we react to that anger. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Libby Snow discuss how to respond when we lose control, comfort, or convenience.

Show Notes

I feel like a good question can just be, ‘Why am I allowing this circumstance to own me? Why am I allowing this person to dictate how I feel right now?’
Libby Snow

Three Problems

  • We are prone to angry responses, blaming, complaining, defensiveness, excuses, finger-pointing, and gossip.
  • As human beings, we are far too comfortable lashing out and attacking others to make a point.
  • Angry responses tend to create more pain than they alleviate.

Three Principles

  • Similar to a blinking engine light, anger itself is not the problem itself but a symptom of something wrong under the hood.
  • It is natural to feel angry when we recognize that the people we love are not becoming the best versions of themselves.
  • We respond constructively to the anger in our hearts when we respond with honesty, humility, and hope.

Three Practices

  • Every time you notice something is not quite right inside of you, take your emotional temperature by asking the question, “Why am I feeling this way?”
  • Demonstrate a willingness to acknowledge your anger with the statement, “I’m feeling angry right now” rather than projecting the lie that “I’m fine.”
  • Evaluate yourself honestly by considering, “In the places where I am feeling perpetually angry, what are constructive ways to respond?”