Episode #62 Think Before Speaking

Words have power. This week, Dr. Michael Brown chats with Nick Gillispie about how we can better choose our words.

Show Notes

Sticks and stones hurt less and for a shorter period of time than words.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • Most of what we do in life, we do without thinking.
  • Even if forgiveness comes quickly, the pain of a thoughtless comment may last for a lifetime.
  • The critical and condescending words that have been spoken to us have shaped the way we view ourselves.

Three Principles

  • Thinking before speaking is especially important before expressing frustration and making promises.
  • Our words communicate the weight of who we are.
  • There is a right time and place for every conversation.

Three Practices

  • Plan your tact, timing, tone, and technique prior to initiating potentially difficult conversations.
  • Wait five minutes after you have typed that controversial post or that frustrated text prior to clicking ‘send.’
  • Routinely ask yourself the questions, “Is what I’m about to say or post or text going to help or hurt?” and, “Will this comment strengthen or compromise my character?”