Episode #61 Initiate With Strangers

All of the closest friends in our lives were once strangers. This week, Dr. Michael Brown chats with Casey Greenawalt about how we can take those first steps to developing new and exciting relationships with strangers.

Show Notes

We all want to make friends. We want to know people. We want to have connections and relationships. And it starts with initiating a conversation with someone we don’t already know.
Casey Greenawalt

Three Problems

  • Rather than looking into the eyes of strangers, we have become accustomed to averting our eyes from strangers.
  • We will never know which strangers we fail to engage could have otherwise changed the trajectory of our entire lives.
  • We often view people as interruptions even though they are the most important thing in this world.

Three Principles

  • Every initiative with a stranger is worthwhile, whether as simple as a smile or as meaningful as a deep conversation.
  • Behind every face is a name, and behind every name is a rich narrative.
  • When we initiate with strangers, we expand our vision of the world and learn to empathize with those who are different from us.

Three Practices

  • Identify your style of initiating with strangers, then make a habit of putting it into practice.
  • Meet someone new every day this week.
  • Whenever you realize that you are continually encountering a specific stranger, introduce yourself.