Episode #72 Progress Over Perfection

Sometimes the size of our goals is the greatest barrier to achieving them. This week, Dr. Michael Brown is joined by first-time guest and Three Words Podcast producer Greg Jenkins as they re-evaluate whether pursuing the best is actually best.

Show Notes

I’m going to write a song every week. Now here’s the stipulation: it doesn’t have to be good. I’m gonna write, maybe, a bad song every week. What I care about is that it’s finished and that it’s recorded.
Greg Jenkins

Three Problems

  • Perfectionism is poisonous when it leads to paralysis.
  • A dream without an actionable step that we could take today is likely not doable.
  • As human beings, we will never achieve perfection.

Five Principles

  • The first step to achieving every goal is, simply, the first step.
  • There are benefits to pursuing our goals even when we are unable to accomplish them fully.
  • We can’t always control whether we make it to the destination, but we can always make choices that bring us closer.
  • Even if we do reach the destination, we may discover if we keep moving forward that we can go even further than we initially intended.
  • Better is the pathway to best, and the most important choice is the very next one.

Three Practices

  • Whenever you find yourself thinking, “I could never do that,” instead consider what steps you can take.
  • Don’t feel guilty about adjusting your goals when it becomes clear that they are out of reach.
  • Narrow your biggest and most overwhelming goals into smaller, bite-sized decisions that you can make each day.