Episode #73 Let Yourself Cry

Nothing requires such courage nor creates such clarity as a good cry. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and author Amy Seiffert give us permission to let our tears fall freely and encourage us to allow others to do the same.

Show Notes

When they sent the picture of my grandson, I just burst into tears in my office. I was hoping nobody would come by. I just burst into tears with such relief and joy and happiness.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • Failure to explore our emotions leads us to become mentally fragile rather than mentally tough.
  • If we don’t regularly choose to let ourselves cry, we may burst into tears when we can’t hold back any longer.
  • We often believe the lies that tears reflect weakness and thoughtlessness even though they actually reflect bravery and emotional literacy.

Three Principles

  • Just as tears lubricate dry and blurry eyes, so too does crying help us to see ourselves more clearly.
  • Our tears give others permission to experience their emotions as well.
  • Tears are human, tears are helpful, and tears are healing.

Three Practices

  • The next time you find your eyes welling up with tears, let them fall all the way down your face without wiping them away.
  • Ask yourself the question, “Is there anything that I haven’t let myself cry about?”
  • Let yourself empathize so deeply with others that their tears stimulate your own.