Episode #172 Act Your Age

The most important part of growing up is the growing. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and 19-year-old sophomore business major Jason Poleski encourage us to maximize our lives through every season.

Show Notes

If you live out who you want to be in the future, today, then you will become that person.
Jason Poleski

Three Problems

  • We are neither our most focused nor productive self when we roll out of bed only thirty minutes before work or school.
  • Unfortunately, we don’t just suddenly become an adult the moment we turn eighteen.
  • If we choose the easy way today, we are often unknowingly choosing the hard way later.

Three Principles

  • We are never too old nor too young to start taking life seriously.
  • A fantastic morning builds momentum for the rest of the day.
  • We are 100% the accumulation of our choices and 0% the accumulation of our intentions.

Three Practices

  • Tackle your most difficult task in the morning, and prove to yourself that you can face whatever challenges the day will bring.
  • When facing difficult decisions, consider the question, “Will this make my future self proud?”
  • Strive to live a life that allows you at any moment to look back and realize how much you’ve grown.