Episode #2 Be Fully Present

Take a deep breath. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Amy Seiffert have a conversation about the crucial, yet extremely difficult practice of really being wherever you are.

Show Notes

Life is so short. So why would I not want to be present in my present tense?
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • We struggle to be fully present with others because we are either focused on the future or preoccupied with the past.
  • Our busyness too often translates into hurry.
  • We are only ever guaranteed this very moment in time.

Three Principles

  • The only thing that lasts forever is human interaction.
  • There may be no greater gift we can give to others than our physical presence combined with our utmost attention.
  • Being fully present doesn’t always require a significant amount of time.

Three Practices

  • Practice 5 minutes of stillness each day to prepare your body and mind to be fully present with others.
  • Place your cell phone in a ‘phone basket’ for a few hours each evening.
  • Remind yourself, “This is a sacred moment” whenever you enter a room with only one person present.