Episode #41 Choose What Lasts

Why is it so difficult to invest in what ultimately matters the most? Why, as human beings, do we often find ourselves so distracted by those tasks and details that matter the least?

Show Notes

The things that we are spending our time doing and investing in, the things that we feel in the moment are important… so few of them actually matter in the end.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • It is easy to take those we love for granted when we spend time with them every day.
  • It is often more comfortable and convenient to choose what doesn’t last, what doesn’t matter, and what doesn’t have meaning than to choose what matters most.
  • We will not leave a legacy that we do not live.

Three Principles

  • At the end of our lives, it is human connection that will matter most.
  • The investments we make in our relationships today will profoundly impact the nature of those same relationships in the future.
  • Choosing what lasts requires forethought and intentionality, because it rarely happens on accident.

Three Practices

  • Implement the household rhythm of ‘Screen-Free Saturdays.’
  • Engage in meaningful conversations and special memories even when you are tired or don’t feel like it.
  • As you review your calendar at the start of each week, ensure that every day you have set aside time to be near to the people who matter most.