Episode #42 Dream Decide Do

Whether it’s breaking an old habit or starting a new business, positive change requires perspective, purpose, and proactivity. This week, Dr. Michael Brown chats with his son, Justin Brown, about the three keys to accomplishing your goals.

Show Notes

I have this vision in my mind of climbing trees with my grandkids when I’m 90 years old. And for that to be true, I have to actually make decisions and execute.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • The most difficult part of accomplishing each goal is the final step: Do.
  • Often times our lives do not measure up to the expectations we set for ourselves because we fail to make the choices that will lead to change.
  • If we do not regularly remind ourselves of our dreams, we will lose steam in making those dreams happen.

Three Principles

  • We have the power to make healthy choices that we’ve previously decided to make even when we don’t feel like it in the moment.
  • The more compelling the dream and the more specific the decision, the more likely we will be able to accomplish our goals in life.
  • Sometimes dramatic choices and big goals are more attainable than incremental choices and little goals because they align more closely with our dreams.

Three Practices

  • When you are feeling discouraged about the trajectory of your life, remind yourself, “I am not powerless.”
  • Whatever it is that you decide, do it for 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle.
  • Whenever you relapse into negative choices today, rededicate yourself to making positive choices tomorrow.