Episode #101 Make Dreams Happen

A dream is a wish your heart makes… or is it? This week, Dr. Michael Brown and aspiring cardiologist Russell Catania reimagine the cliché phrases that hold us back and suggest adopting a new inspirational quote.

Show Notes

I have a very, very active dream of being the cardiologist that is a far greater husband and father.
Dr. Russell Catania

Three Problems

  • The phrase “chase your dreams” implies that our dreams are running away from us and tricks us into believing that we are not in control of our own success.
  • We will not wake up one day having become someone we have not been becoming.
  • We tend to fantasize about our dreams more often than we fuel our dreams.

Three Principles

  • We can never guarantee that our dreams are fulfilled, but we can always make choices that make the fulfillment of our dreams increasingly likely.
  • We are all capable of accomplishing far more than our worst critic would lead us to believe.
  • Pursuing our dreams is worthwhile even if they don’t play out exactly as we intend.

Five Practices

  • Instead of waiting for that amazing opportunity to present itself to you, actually create that amazing opportunity for yourself.
  • Ignore the advice of the dream-killers in your life.
  • Next time you find yourself using the phrase “I hope” or “I wish,” identify a daily decision that would make the dream happen.
  • Intentionally remove passive language from your vocabulary by replacing, for example, “Have a great day” with “Make it a great day.”
  • When you realize that a dream is no longer attainable, consider what other dream you are closer to fulfilling as a result of pursuing the first dream.