Episode #138 Build Your Confidence

We may not be able to accomplish everything we set our minds to do, but who is to say we can’t live as if we will? This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Three Words producer Logan Brown challenge us to believe in ourselves and to say “Yes!” to all that life has to offer.

Show Notes

There is absolutely no difference between faking being confident and actually being confident.
Logan Brown

Three Problems

  • We will never grow in confidence if we are unwilling to face our fears.
  • Insecurity is not restricted to childhood, but it is unfortunately common among individuals in every stage of life.
  • We often treat failure as if it were deadly even though it is far more likely to be merely disappointing.

Three Principles

  • Confidence is not a personality trait but a choice we make.
  • Confidence is not the prerequisite to doing difficult things but is instead its result.
  • Confidence is not the opposite of humility but of timidity.

Nine Proficiencies

  • Courage to take risks
  • Optimistic about a brighter tomorrow
  • Negative thoughts removed
  • Faith in a greater purpose
  • Identity separated from performance or accomplishment
  • Doing the work
  • Expressing enthusiasm
  • Negative thoughts replaced
  • Tenacious refusal to ever give up

Three Practices

  • If an opportunity to do something you really want to do crosses your path, say Yes even if you don’t quite feel ready.
  • Identify a positive choice that really freaks you out, and then commit to doing it anyway.
  • Reframe the challenges in your life as Win-Learn rather than Win-Lose.