Episode #35 Expand Your Vision

Everybody has blind spots, biases, and things we simply take for granted. This week, Dr. Michael Brown and Gabe Dunbar discuss ways to identify the areas where we lack perspective and practical steps toward gaining a more complete view of the world around us.

Show Notes

I want to keep my eyes wide open. I want to keep my heart soft. I want to make sure that I’m spending time listening and learning and seeking to understand.
Dr. Michael Brown

Three Problems

  • We are often blind to the realities surrounding us.
  • Our vision throughout life typically becomes narrower rather than wider.
  • An unclear vision for the future leads to a crooked path forward.

Three Principles

  • We don’t have to wait for a crisis in order to choose to expand our vision.
  • We always have the opportunity to shrink our vision or expand our vision.
  • To expand our visions to places they’ve never been, we have to do things we’ve never done.

Three Practices

  • Read stories and articles about what is happening in other countries rather than only following current events locally.
  • Look closely at difficult realities even when you have the opportunity to look away.
  • Visualize what your life could become, believe that it is possible, and take steps to make it happen.